A Cannabis Loyalty Program for the People

Royal Rewards Program

420 Kingdom meets your expectations with cannabis rewards that make your day a little more green. Earn 1 point for every $10 spent.

Earn 3x Points on all 420 Kingdom brand products! This includes 420 Kingdom’s black label flower as well as all King’s Aero, King’s Gold, King’s Grind, and Joker products. To qualify, simply purchase these products and make sure you’ve opted in to receive our text and emails here.

How the Royal Rewards Loyalty Program Works


Enroll online by creating a free account. Enrollment is fast, free, and easy. Must be 21 years or older.

Shop & Earn

Earn 1 point for $10 spent AND 3 points for every $10 spent on 420 Kingdom products.

Redeem Your Rewards

Use your rewards online on any of our brands. View and track your rewards in your account or in our 420 Kingdom app for iOS and Android devices.

10 points

($100 spent)


$5 Off
Reward Coupon

15 points

($150 spent)


$7.50 Off
Reward Coupon 

20 points

($200 spent)


$10 Off
Reward Coupon 

25 points

($250 spent)


$12.50 Off
Reward Coupon

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn rewards?

Earn rewards by continuing to shop with your account online on 420 Kingdoms website

How much do I earn?

You’ll earn 1 point for every $10 spent*

When can I spend my rewards?

Rewards options will be displayed on your dashboard if available. Spend your rewards points on 420 Kingdom products for 3x the value (i.e. a $10 Reward can be used for a $30 discount toward any 420 Kingdom product).

Can I earn rewards and receive discounts?

Yes. However you will only receive reward points on your subtotal less any discounts.
*Subtotal including discounts. ( Please note: The Loyalty Program began and points began accrue from 12/10/20 )