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Chronic pain and disability are becoming increasingly common in the industrialized world. Recent reports suggest at least 50 million Americans are dealing with some degree of pain on a daily basis. To free themselves from these debilitating symptoms, many patients resort to OTC pills or prescription-grade pain-relievers, many of which have significant side effects.

Although anti-pain medications have their place in medicine, it’s increasingly clear chronic pain patients want alternative & all-natural options. Since the medical marijuana movement has been gaining so much media attention, it’s no surprise more people are open to therapies like THC oil capsules. The science on THC oil capsules is only beginning, but anecdotal testimonies suggest these pills may play a part in pain management.

Why Would People Consider THC Oil Capsules For Pain?

Although cannabis edibles are incredibly popular, most people still associate “taking THC” with smoking a joint. It’s still uncommon for cannabis enthusiasts to consider using THC oil capsules for conditions like chronic pain.

However, THC oil capsules may have a few advantages over more traditional methods like smoking nugs. Most significantly, THC oil capsules help patients effectively manage their daily cannabinoid dosage. And, according to recent research out of Israel, dosing may be the most crucial aspect of using THC for pain relief.

According to a recent Israeli study, low levels of THC seem to have the most pronounced effects on pain patients. After administering controlled dosages of medical marijuana, doctors found that patients who received a few 500-microgram “bursts” of THC had better pain reduction and a lower risk for adverse reactions like panic attacks.

Although there are a few fancy vaporizers that automatically shut off after a “microdose” of THC, some patients don’t enjoy inhaling cannabis. Whether patients have pre-existing lung conditions or they don’t like the scent of cannabis, there are plenty of potential MMJ patients who are turned off by more “standard” THC consumption methods. THC oil capsules provide a more discreet way to test THC’s pain-reducing properties while keeping track of precise dosages.

It’s also worth mentioning that THC oil capsules take longer to work into the bloodstream. While this isn’t “good news” for people who crave the immediacy of smokable products, it may help reduce the risk of THC’s psychoactivity. Since a THC capsule’s effects are spread throughout the day, it has the potential to offer more sustained relief without a significant “high.”

thc pain relief

How Should MMJ Patients Use THC Oil Capsules For Pain?

Since THC oil capsules are a relatively new product category, there’s no agreed-upon “strategy” for using them for pain. However, new patients should always start with the lowest possible dose for optimal safety. It’s also essential for patients to ask an MMJ physician whether it’s safe to use THC oil capsules for their condition.

THC can change how other medications affect a person’s body. So, anyone currently taking prescription pills or supplements for pain relief should never take THC oil capsules without a doctor’s approval. It’s also crucial for patients to keep detailed notes of their daily THC dosage and watch out for side effects like paranoia and hallucinations.