Chewing gum containing cannabis is a familiar and accessible way to experience the wide-ranging benefits of THC and other cannabinoids. If you’re not experienced at packing a bong or dabbing a concentrate, you may want to try chewing a piece of THC gum instead.

What are Some of the Benefits of Chewing THC Gum?

It’s discreet

Unlike smoking a joint or unwrapping an edible in public, chewing gum containing THC is a lot more discreet and socially acceptable. And it has all the essence of normal chewing gum, with minty and fruity flavors – meaning it also doesn’t smell like cannabis.

Dosing is a breeze

Gum that contains THC is a great option for first-time cannabis users and microdosing. You can see and accurately control how much THC you receive. Unlike edibles, the concentration of cannabinoids is evenly dispersed throughout the piece of gum. This means you can reliably halve a piece and receive half of the dose.


How Does It Work?

When your body receives THC via an edible, your digestive tract and liver have to process the cannabinoid before it can reach your bloodstream. Along the way, some of its potency is lost.

Your gums, lips, and tongue all have a thin, semi-permeable membrane that allows for saliva production and absorbs compounds before you swallow your food. Gum that contains cannabis releases its cannabinoids through these membranes, and via the sublingual pathway. This is a fast-track system that absorbs cannabinoids almost immediately into your bloodstream.

Sublingual administration is a tried and tested process for cannabis. It’s the same method used by more conventional products like tinctures and oral sprays.

You can even control the bio-availability of your gum. If you swallow your saliva quickly, the benefits you receive might be a little more similar to an edible. If you hold the saliva in your mouth for a few seconds, you’ll receive the full sublingual effects of the gum.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

As the THC in gum is absorbed sublingually, it usually has a fast onset time of 10-15 minutes. And, unlike other methods, gum both acts quickly and offers long-lasting relief while you chew it. The effects of THC-infused gum can last from two to four hours.

Why Choose THC?

More studies are carried out every year on the therapeutic abilities of THC. It’s most popularly used to treat chronic pain, nausea, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and the symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy.

Other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant have different potential benefits for health and wellbeing. THC gum will contain primarily THC but may be formulated to contain other cannabinoids, including CBD. This is because components of the cannabis plant often work in synergy with one another.

Of course, other people dose THC for recreational purposes – to experience the sense of relaxation and euphoric high it can bring.

Where Can You Buy THC Gum?

You can generally buy THC gum in any dispensary or online store that also sells edibles.

If you’d like more background on the variety of cannabis gums available, Cannabis Wiki has provided a useful lineup of five of the best gums you can buy.