If you’ve ever taken a close look at your bud, you may have noticed some sticky crystals on the flower. Or maybe you’ve noticed a pollen-like substance at the bottom of your grinder. These sticky, pollen-like, crystals are call kief and they’re packed with potent terpenes and cannabinoids (the stuff that gets you high). Smoking a kief joint is a great way to get high with very little product because kief is a very concentrated cannabis product.

‌How To Collect Kief For Your Kief Joint

‌The easiest and most common way of collecting kief is with a weed grinder. If you have the right grinder, collecting kief from your bud supply is relatively easy, but time-consuming. You will need a multi-chambered weed grinder with a screen to collect from your grinder. As you grind your bud for regular use, the kief will collect at the bottom of the grinder. Eventually, enough will be collected for you to be able to scrape out of the grinder and smoke.

‌If you have access to a lot of plant material, you can try making one of these concentrates:

  • Hash: heated and pressurized kief
  • Bubble Hash: made with water and ice
  • Moonrocks: nugs rolled in oil and kief
  • Cannabutter: just add the kief to your cannabutter for extra potency


How To Smoke Kief

‌Kief is made up of very small, fine particles. Since the particles are so small, most people add a small amount to their bud to give it an extra kick. You can layer it in a bowl by putting a pinch of leaves in the bowl, then a sprinkle of kief, and top with some more bud leaves. If you prefer joints, just sprinkle a small amount over the bud before you roll it.

‌Pros And Cons Of Smoking Kief

‌Many people like smoking kief because it’s very concentrated and you can quickly get very high. You don’t need a lot of kief to get high and a little can be added to your bowl or joint for an extra kick. With the right grinder, it can be easy to collect from your grinder and much cheaper than buying a concentrate from a dispensary.

‌One downside is the amount of time and plant material it takes to collect enough kief to smoke. You may have to buy a concentrate from a dispensary until you’ve collected enough in your grinder. Also, since kief is very potent, it is easy to end up with an overwhelming high. Too much kief can cause anxiety and increased heart rate. Make sure to start with a small amount and give it time to kick in before trying more.

‌Wrap Up

‌Kief is a great way to mix up your cannabis experience and add some potency. If you want to DIY some kief, purchase a grinder with a screen and talk to your budtender about what strains are kief heavy so it won’t take as long to collect enough to smoke. Start with a small amount and increase as needed. Enjoy!