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If your dry herb joints aren’t hitting hard enough, then it might be time for an upgrade. Although there are many ways to enjoy high-intensity pot, trying an infused joint is the simplest transition for most tokers. 

Infused joints are the same as regular cannabis joints, except they’re way more intense. You’ll enjoy all the conveniences and flavors of traditional joints with an extra bump of relaxation. If you’re ready for a mind-melting blast of THC, an infused joint might be right for you. 

What Are Infused Joints, And Why Do People Smoke Them? 

When cannabis fans talk about “infused joints,” they’re usually referring to pre-rolls that have ground herb and concentrates. There are countless ways manufacturers could mix these two ingredients, but most choose to add concentrates inside the joint. However, there are a few fancy pre-rolled joints with an outer layer of kief powder.


The most significant thing about infused joints is that they’re more potent than a standard joint. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for infused pre-rolls to have total THC concentrations well above 60 percent. For comparison, most high-intensity THC cannabis flowers top out around 25 percent. 

The obvious reason people use infused joints is to take advantage of their potency. Also, depending on what concentrates are in your product, these joints may offer a more flavor-forward experience. For instance, joints with high-end concentrates like live resin tend to have the highest terpene percentages in the cannabis industry.  

FYI: Not all infused joints will get you “high.” Thanks to the recent surge in CBD products, you could find non-intoxicating hemp-infused joints. By federal law, hemp products must contain ≤ 0.3 percent THC. So, even if these joints have high amounts of hemp concentrates, they won’t have enough THC to get you stoned. 

CBD-infused joints are perfect for people who want a mellow, clear-headed experience. Just keep in mind that high doses of CBD may cause slight sedation. Just because CBD isn’t psychoactive doesn’t mean high doses can’t induce side effects. As with THC-infused joints, it’s best to test these products when you’ve got plenty of time to chill at home. 

Could You Make A DIY Infused Joint? 

While more companies are manufacturing infused cannabis joints, you could also make these products at home. Indeed, you only need three ingredients to make one of these joints: rolling paper, ground weed flowers, and cannabis concentrate. 

While any cannabis concentrate could work in an infused joint, most people prefer using shatter. Thanks to shatter’s brittle texture, it’s easy to snap off a few pieces and sprinkle them across your dry herb. Once you’re satisfied with the concentrate in your joint, roll it as you normally would and light up. 

While shatter is a fan favorite, you could also use waxy concentrates to seal your joint paper. Some people also enjoy drizzling the outside of their joint with sauce and coating it with high-grade kief. 

Another popular way to make an infused joint is to start with “infused nugs.” Without a doubt, “moon rocks” are the most popular concentrate-infused flowers on the market. Basically, moon rocks are cannabis flowers that have been drizzled in a waxy concentrate and topped with kief. While most people enjoy dabbing with moon rocks, you could also sprinkle a bit of these buds into your joint. 

However you choose to infuse your joint, please remember that a little concentrate goes a long way. You don’t need a ton of concentrate to have a powerful effect on your ECS. Always experiment with infused joints in a relaxed, private setting on nights where you could fully enjoy them.