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Are you trying edibles for the first time, but you’re not sure how much to take? For some cannabis enthusiasts, edibles provide an unmatched experience and are even more potent and enjoyable than a vape or smoke. 

When you consume them properly, edibles are a great way to experience the benefits of cannabis in a way that is more healthy and discrete than smoking. But, in order to enjoy their effects, you have to choose the dosing carefully, so let’s learn more about them!

The Forms of Edibles

Cannabis edibles can take many different forms, from baked foods to soft chews, and from oils extracted from the cannabis plant that contain strong doses of THC, CBD, or both. You can find edibles in the form of gummies, mints, brownies, pastries, tinctures, and beverages.

Edibles Dosage Chart

It’s crucial to remember that every person has an optimal dose that is suitable for him/her. The type of edible, the dosage, gastrointestinal factors, your metabolism, and your body weight are just a few of the variables that affect an edible’s potency. 

Keep in mind that you should always start with a modest amount of edibles and increase it gradually until you discover the right amount for you.

Edibles for Beginners

The lowest THC concentration for edibles often sold at licensed dispensaries is 2.5 mg or 5 mg per soft chewy gummy, lozenge, or other product. Beginners who consume a 5 mg edible may feel everything from pain and anxiety relief to heightened motivation and positive emotions. Of course, as previously noted, a person’s metabolism, what they’ve eaten, and how high their tolerance is all affect how strong these effects are. In general, 5 mg edibles are the recommended dosage for those who are new to cannabis edibles.

Products in the 5–15 mg range can help to deliver more effective therapeutic effects for those who are using edibles for pain and anxiety relief. If you’ve tried 5 mg edibles and felt they weren’t potent enough, you can take increase the dose to 10 or 15 mg. If you’re unsure of the appropriate amount, it’s always a good idea to take edibles in 5 mg increments and keep adding till you have the desired result. Just be patient!

What is the Recommended Dosage of Edibles

There’s no specific recommended dosage, but the rule of thumb says to start slow. How quickly you become stoned from edibles and how much THC that takes both play a significant role in the dosage of edibles. Keep in mind that the typical edible dosage varies considerably from person to person. 

Even if you consider yourself an experienced smoker, if you don’t often take edibles, you’ll probably have a low tolerance and should probably start with 2.5 mg or 5 mg. In order to evaluate the effects, you should wait at least 60 minutes after eating. You can also add an extra 2.5 mg if you want to enhance the experience.

It is often preferable to try the same low dose three times with 8 to 24 hours between trials before increasing the dose because some people who are new to cannabis require 2-3 doses before experiencing any effects.

Understanding the Edibles’ Effects

The time it takes for edibles to start working can vary from 20 to 60 minutes depending on your metabolism, gastrointestinal factors, time of day, how much you’ve eaten, and other things. 

The amount of the edible consumed, together with your tolerance, metabolism, and body chemistry, all affect how long an edible high lasts. An average 5 mg edible will normally last 2-4 hours for a consumer with average experience, with the peak of the experience occurring at about an hour.

For a single dose/session, edibles have the longest intoxication duration of any cannabis product, and their effects fade down more gradually than with smoking. The effects of the edible will peak, stabilize, and progressively fade over 1-2 hours.

Lastly, remember to consume edibles with a full stomach, stay hydrated, and find a cozy environment to feel comfortable to achieve a positive high. Always consume responsibly!