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Even though marijuana is legal in many states, there are still many misconceptions about its effects. Cannabis consumers are, by and large, still stigmatized as “lazy stoners” who spend their whole life glued to their couches, binge-watching TV and eating fast food. 

For better or worse, however, this era is nothing but a distant past. People nowadays are better informed about marijuana’s effects and have only just realized the potential of cannabis, even for productivity. Indeed, there are certain strains whose terpene and cannabinoid levels make them perfect for delivering an energizing and productive experience. 

Can Cannabis Really Increase Productivity?

The lack of motivation that some high-potency strains cause is one of the most frequent adverse effects of cannabis. Higher potency strains are a great choice for a night with friends, but they can make you feel drowsy or couch-locked. 

At this point, it is worth mentioning an increasing number of studies are pointing to cannabis’ contribution to productivity and other qualities. Cannabis increased divergent thinking in people who were not particularly creative, according to this study. Moreover, patients who used medical marijuana for three months enhanced cognitive functioning in pilot research that was published in 2016. 

If, why, and how cannabis affects productivity is still under scientific research. Even though it definitely won’t solve your ADHD with one puff, certain cannabis strains can help out with focus issues, especially if you practice microdosing. Here are some of the best-known ones.

Super Lemon Haze

Due to its versatility, this strain deserves the #1 rank on our list. This zesty strain is a Sativa-dominant cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Its euphoric properties will boost your creative energy without creating excess stress. Just make sure to go slow — moderation is key with this vibrant strain!

Durban Poison

This African heirloom strain is one of the best-known across the world for a good reason. Before 30 and 40 percent THC strains got all the attention of cannabis enthusiasts, Durban Poison was among the first strains to rock the cannabis industry awards with its (then) whooping THC content and creative high.

Sour Diesel

When it comes to stimulating strains, Sour Diesel has definitely earned its place on our list. With its relaxing but alert high, Sour Diesel gives you the energy and inspiration you need for your day. No matter how unmotivated you may feel, this Sativa is renowned for its mood-boosting properties.

Green Crack

This Sativa-dominant strain with 15-20% THC content offers an exciting mental buzz that is unmatched by many other strains. Green Crack is well-known for its uplifting effects that sharpen the user’s focus, much like Super Lemon Haze. Green Crack has the sweet and tangy flavor of mango with some earthy overtones because it contains a lot of terpene myrcene.

White Widow

Since its introduction in the 1990s, White Widow, a hybrid of a resin-heavy South Indian Indica and a Brazilian Sativa landrace, has become a staple of every self-respecting Dutch coffee shop.

For many users, this strain offers the perfect balanced fit. A 50/50 hybrid with a THC level of about 16% will provide you with energetic effects while letting you maintain focus and productivity on the task at hand. 

Jack Herer

This Sativa-dominant hybrid, which won the 7th High Times Cannabis Cup, is a crossing of Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Haze. For many people, Jack Herer is the supreme strain for productivity and creativity, and it has earned the title of “the father of weed.” The Jack Herer strain offers uplifted sensations of euphoria and creativity, and it’s also great for socializing.